Gardening with Containers is for Everyone

Container gardening is fun, fabulous and festive. A terracotta pot on its own is just a container and summer bedding plants are just colorful plants. However, by planting the summer bedding plants in a container, you can create miniature garden-scapes of all shapes and colors. Each container is effectively a miniature garden all of its own. If you put a number of them together you can create a garden that will impress even the most avid gardener. Some people refer to this as container design planting, I just say WOW.

Garden with ContainersThe exciting thing is that the planting of containers allows people who may just have a balcony to enjoy a chance to get their fingers dirty and enjoy a bit of God’s creation up close and personal. Container planting also brings the garden within the reach of a disabled person and is a size that even the youngest child can manage. So it is a type of gardening that everyone can do and enjoy.

Here are a few things that will help you have a successful garden.

Start by cleaning your containers:

If you intend on replanting any containers you used last year and why not, you should get rid of all traces of the soil from the previous year. Wash them thoroughly as particles of previous year’s compost can contain pests, diseases and mould spores. Use a hose to get the bulk off then wash them in water containing a garden disinfectant, scrubbing off any stubborn soil with a scrubbing brush, using this same disinfectant water. Then you need to rinse the containers well under running water and leave them to dry. Use this method on any container you plan to use no mater what they are made of. Not taking care of this properly can cause your planting to finish flowering far too early.

Check your containers’ drainage:

Garden with ContainersCheck to make sure your containers drainage holes are adequate or have not become plugged. Having too few or no drainage holes causes your plants to suffer from oxygen starvation due to excess water. To prevent drainage points becoming blocked with potting soil, use some broken terracotta or polystyrene bedding plant trays over the drainage holes. Broken polystyrene or bedding plant trays crumpled up can also be used to fill the bottom of larger containers therefore reducing the amount of potting soil needed to fill the container.

Don’t overfill your containers with potting soil:

You should fill your container with quality container potting soil which you should be able to find at any garden center then firm it lightly. Your soil should stop about 1 inch below the lip of the container; so there will be room for watering. Some people with more experience have their own or have acquired a good formula for mixing the right amounts of peat and loam-based soil and if you have such a formula that is great but my suggestion if you’re just starting is go for the bought mix. It often comes with some fertilizer mixed in as well.

Getting them in the ground:

Garden with ContainersBefore planting make sure your plants have been thoroughly watered. A good way of doing this is by soaking them in a bucket of water. Watering like this will prevent shock when they are replanted and it will also help merge the plants existing soil with the new soil. To help get a sense of what the container will look like try positioning the plants on top of the container before actually planting them. If you need to make an adjustment now is the time before you get them in the dirt. Plant them from the centre of the container outwards. Create a hole big enough for the root ball of the central plant (It should be the tallest plant). After removing it from its pot place the plant into the hole firming the soil around it. Then, insert the rest of the plants similarly around the edges. You should make sure all the plants end up at the same depth as they were in their original containers.


After the complete container is potted water it thoroughly until water starts to flow from the containers base. If after an hour the soil has settled a bit, you top it up. Typically containers need a lot of water Wooden and unglazed terracotta containers usually require much more water due to their porous and absorbent nature. I suggest you apply a mulch of mini-chip bark or gravel to the composts surface, as well as being decorative this will lessen the containers loss of water through evaporation.

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