Decorating your Outdoor Living Space can enrich your life.

Decorating your outdoor room is very similar to decorating any other area of your home and can enhance the natural beauty of your yard and garden. First, it’s important to determine the primary functions of the space. To help you may even want to get the entire family involved in order to get different ideas. Allow them to dream a little and make suggestions that would make your garden retreat more charming, useful, and harmonious.
Decor rules come and go, and so in my mind that makes them subjective and suggestive and therefore you are no longer limited to traditional styles. There is an almost limitless number of styles available, making it easier than ever to find a style that suits you and your own tastes.
You need to decorate the outside of your home using ornaments, structure and lighting in order to transform your outdoor space so that it becomes a welcoming retreat where you can enjoy entertaining and spending lots of time with family and friends.
Start by using decorations and furnishings in shades that blend with the exterior of the house, create a restful atmosphere and visually tie the outdoor living space to the exterior of your home. By using your outdoor space to unite design elements with both outside architecture and inside decor – one setting should appear like an extension of the other.

Here are some ideas for turning low cost yard sale finds, or collectables into great decorating accessories for your yard! The trick is in recognizing an items potential.

1. It might be the perfect way to use things you already have around the home. An accessory that seems tired because it’s been sitting in the same room in your home for years may take on new life when used outdoors.
2. You might even find something in front of someone’s house going out to the garbage that would be a perfect addition to your yard.
3. By using fabrics for drapery to add structure to an outdoor living space you could bring your patio a sense of sophistication. Try framing the surroundings of your sofa with curtains and it will inevitably be the seat of choice or just tie things together with your furniture cushions.
4. Lighting is also something that you want to seriously look into because it can change the entire feel of your outdoor living space dramatically. Try hanging an iron chandelier from a tree branch, Chinese paper lanterns, or strings of white mini-lights woven into the bushes to give effect. Don’t forget about candles though as they always add a soft light for those intimate evenings.
5. Adding an old or inexpensive rug can pull your outdoor room together by tying in colors, styles and patterns.
6. A simple yet inexpensive touch, like adding ribbons tied to the ends of tree branches can add a festive feel.
container gardening7. Add some flowers and greenery into the mix. Container gardens are very popular these days and you can plant a variety of things – both ornamental and useful. Using a variety of containers in different heights and grouping them together can add a great look. You can use aromatic herbs, annuals and perennials for color or miniature orange trees and pines and bamboo to give structure to your outdoor area.
8. It’s absolutely true that your outdoor patio furniture, though possibly the most expensive part of the Décor, needs to be comfortable and cozy, as the more comfortable it is the more enjoyable your outdoor experience will become.

With a little decoration ingenuity, you can make you outdoor living space the best decorated yard on the block.
You can find some comfortable wood outdoor patio furniture at “Outdoor Cedars” to help you make your outdoor living all that you want it to be.

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