Gardening in Your Outdoor Living Space can enrich your life.

Gardening has never been so fun with such a great variety of plants and decor to choose from. Having a beautiful garden with garden accents and water features will make your yard more enjoyable and will give your home curb appeal. As you might guess, the ordinary yard with its swath of lawn, sprinkling of annuals, evergreen foundation shrubs and a tree or two just doesn’t cut it any more.

What is absolutely important is you need to start by having a proper plan and strategy for your yard. And these days there are many resources available both off and online to help you with designing the gardens around your home. By planting different plants in different ways you can create a variety of looks and habitats that will both give your home the look you want it to have and the feel that you will enjoy. Outdoor spaces need to be treated with imagination and should connect us to the natural world which is constantly changing with time and season.

By looking at a few different types of gardening which are becoming more popular today maybe you will get some ideas that could become the focus of your yard?

Container gardening is an excellent way to introduce yourself to gardening and get your hands dirty. It takes up a relatively small amount of space, requires less maintenance, and adds natural beauty and color to your patio or deck. Containers include flower pots and hanging baskets but may also include sealed whiskey barrels, watering troughs, or recycled bathtubs etc. and there are a tremendous variety of flowers and small shrubs that do well in these containers. Containers can be cost efficient, easy to install, and provide flexibility and durability. Containers raise the plants, giving your garden an appealing sense of depth and will add an extra dimension of beauty to outdoor living areas, where they will surround your family and guests with lively colors, fragrances and textures.
water garden
Water gardens, add a sense of calmness and tranquility and give even an otherwise boring garden a spark of interest. Ponds and waterfalls can be natural or manmade depending on the natural terrain of your yard. Adding a basic backyard pond is relatively inexpensive and easy to do though they require a bit of care to keep them looking fresh and clear at all times, in the long run you will really enjoy the rewards of your labor. In the evenings, your garden pond can be spot lighted or submersible lighting can be used which can really add a lot of atmosphere to your yard.

Creating a Natural wildlife habitat is something that can enhance a tranquil atmosphere for you and can be done by adding natural elements, water, rocks, and plants that attract birds and butterflies etc. You can attract butterflies simply through growing flowers and plants that will attract these colorful and dainty creatures to your garden. Butterflies are thought to like trumpet-shaped flowers and those with broad petals that provide a good place to land in pink, red, orange, and yellow colors the most. A butterfly bush is a great choice as they have cones of colorful flowers that bloom in high summer and are very attractive to butterflies. Trees and bushes provide natural settings for birds to find protection and to nest as well as perches for social interaction. Berry bushes and other flowering plants offer additional food and nectar. Trees, shrubs, grasses, wildflowers, and perennial and annual flower gardens all provide food and cover for wildlife. More and more people are adding these natural settings to their yards as they help conserve a natural habitat for wildlife while providing great enjoyment and observing Gods creatures every day right in their own backyard.

My yard has aspects of all of the above and even though it’s small it provides us with all the fun, enjoyment and relaxation we are looking for. Yours can too, especially if you have the right furniture to enjoy it on. Have a look at all the great furniture you want and need for relaxing in your yard at “Teaks n More” where you get Great values and Great prices!

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  1. PP Says:

    I like applying accents to attract wildlife. A yard can become a home for outside life and you can observe and be a part of it. Great tips, thanks.

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  6. Beth Says:

    Thanks for the great article

  7. Weber Says:

    I only started gardening a few years ago and now I can’t imagine not gardening.

  8. KonstantinMiller Says:

    Hi! I like your srticle and I would like very much to read some more information on this issue. Will you post some more?

  9. Alis Says:

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