Creating a Beautiful Summer Garden

Every proud homeowner wants to have a landscape that is attractive despite the summer heat. The heat and humidity of a typical summer day though may leave you with little ambition to do anything outdoors other than sit on the porch with an ice cold drink. much less worry about the condition of the garden. The secret to creating a garden that doesn’t require much effort during the summer is by selecting low-maintenance flowers that last well in the heat of summer.
Summertime gardening can be challenging, but with the right plants and a little work, the warmer months can become favorite times with colorful and lush beds, borders and containers. This is due to the hard work of today’s plant breeders and growers, who are producing ground-breaking new plants which homeowners with or without gardening know how can use to enjoy both stunning, colorful landscapes and the lazy, hazy days of summer.

Choosing the proper plants is essential. They need to be varieties with strong root systems, good resilience and whose performance has proved reliable at standing up against high heat and humidity. petuniasYou need to select plants with these attributes so they will withstand the tough conditions and not only outlast others but their color will stay vibrant throughout the season. Annuals like the Wave Petunias are perfect because their hardy, low-growing habit provides an almost never-ending variety of color and form in the landscape. Wave Petunias are available in five series that have summer staying power. Geraniums in the Allure, Designer, and Fantasia Series are classics with unique colors and flower patterns and with variety names like ‘Hot Coral’ and ‘Strawberry Sizzle’, they hold their bright hues all season. Other plants are known for their moderate water need and ability to thrive in sun and warmth are Zinnia’s, a versatile annual with tiny golden-yellow blooms. Angelonia is a striking plant for containers and landscapes, also Verbena ‘Dark Red’ which is best used in baskets and mixed containers will last all season.

Other factors that play a role in the success of plantings for summer include the site’s soil type, location of the planting area, sun, wind and humidity. Sheer heat commonly harms plants far less than heat mixed with humidity and the rate at which temperatures change can cause stress to plants more than temperature alone. Gardens that face south or west tend to receive direct sunlight and remain hotter thus demanding resilient plant choices for these areas.
Two key elements for Success

-Properly prepared soil is key as it allows for retention and absorption of water. Before planting, amend your soil with organic matter like compost or manure and bagged fertilizers that consist of natural potassium, nitrogen and phosphorus. Also be sure to mulch during warmer months as this keeps the soil cooler and minimizes evaporation. Plants are always healthier when planted in good soil.
-Water is an obvious component. When you water, water thoroughly and avoid watering more often than necessary as this will cause shallow root growth. Watering during the early morning or during the evening when temperatures are lower is important, as this will lead to a reduced amount of strain on plants and will decrease the loss of moisture during the heat of the day.

When committing to a summer garden, the most important aspect in my opinion isn’t low-maintenance as important as that is to me. The overall objective should be your garden space filled with eye-catching plants that engage and delight both gardener and guest alike, designed to reflect your personal style.

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