Attracting Birds To Your Garden

I get great joy from sitting in my backyard on a lazy evening and watching the birds hop around. It is a relaxing hobby and a wonderful way for me to enjoy nature. We don’t all have the luxury of a backyard with enough greenery and habitat to attract birds . But if you have the space and some time, you too can have a yard that attracts birds.

Birds bring life, color and song to your garden and create a whole new type of beauty there for you to enjoy. But how do you create a garden that will attract the birds?

 Attracting Birds To Your Garden This will only be achieved if you give the birds what they are looking for. The primary things are food, water and habitat. Water is needed for drinking and bathing and habitat for food and shelter.

Natural habitat is the first step that you should do to attract birds. Start planting landscaping plants and shrubs or native plants which will attract different birds by giving them natural environment. Wild flowers, bunch grasses and small or large shrubs will make your garden a birds’ friendly environment.

But maybe I’m getting ahead of myself. You first need to find out which birds are natural to your geographic area and then you will be able to choose plants that will attract them . This should not be difficult as there is a ton of information out there in magazines and libraries, maybe easiest is by looking online.

 Attracting Birds To Your Garden Water is one of the major needs every bird has. This is highly important. A bird bath, pool or small pond all will instantly attract many bird families. Birds appreciate fresh water for bathing and drinking. You can improvise in the way you give them this. Use a bowl of water but keep it shallow they will appreciate that. Turn over a garbage can lid and sink into the ground, then add some stones to provide perches for the birds.

Providing some food for the birds will increase the chances of your success at attracting birds to your garden. Having the right plants in your garden will provide them food. For example Humming birds love trumpet vine while others love natural grasses for their seeds.

 Attracting Birds To Your Garden Birds also love you to supplement their natural food with seeds, bread or other things they like. The seeds that almost all birds prefer are sun-flower seeds, extremely easy to find, and cheap to buy also. Mixed bird seed will attract different species. Before buying seed, make a list of all the birds that you have spotted in your yard and research their food preferences. That way you can provide food for all the different types of birds present.

The second part of the equation is keeping out of your yard the things that might scare or disturb birds. Animals are the major part of this. The neighbor’s dogs or even your own dog or cat can scare the birds and may not allow them to settle in your garden. Providing shrubs and trees for birds to hide will help. The best thing is to keep them indoors or away from where you want the birds to frequent, like in the side yard.

Also, a certain species might avoid your garden because there is another species in it. Children and noise can make others stay away.

Knowing their nature and customs can be a decisive factor in bringing particular birds to your backyard.
One fun aspect of attracting birds is learning all about the birds that are visiting your backyard habitat. There are several good identification guides to help you with this like “Birds of North America” through which the wild birds can be identified.

Have fun attracting and enjoying your new back yard friends, the birds.

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