Garden Arbors are Charming and Romantic

Garden Arbors are a great way to create a welcoming entry to the home or enjoy a pleasant view of the garden on a bench or seat beneath the arbor that is shaded by a canopy of climbing vines, roses or wisteria. They are often considered charming and romantic and people have favored this freestanding retreat since Victorian times. Wooden garden arbors are stately and blend well with most any garden decor.

Cedar Garden ArborArbors are a wonderful way to accent any garden or outdoor living area. Wooden arbors have great potential as decorative pieces for your yard. Positioned over the pathway at the front of your house, they make a magical transition from the street to the welcoming threshold of your home.

Wooden Garden Arbors are just one of many kinds of architectural structures that will add grandeur to any backyard garden. They invite you into your yard and provide a decorative shaded place to have a small bench or swing built into the structure, so you can relax a bit while doing some of your gardening. They could also provide a beautiful entryway into your backyard or garden, so as you enter your backyard through the archway you just feel and smell the beauty of your creation.
They also offer an absolutely wonderful backdrop for photos.

Cedar Garden ArborArbors come in 4 general styles – gothic, gable, arch, and pergola. These open frameworks are typically made with a latticework or ladder slat design and may have arched, peaked or flat roofing. Sometimes they contain additional support slats. They simply are trellises that have grown up and over your head. A simple arbor can be built from two rectangular pieces of latticework placed on either side of your path or entranceway with another section of trelliswork fastened over the top. Numerous trailing plants such as roses, honeysuckle and grape vines will make use of a cleverly placed garden accent such as an arbor. They are typically made from vinyl, iron or wood. I like the Cedar ones as their natural beauty blends wonderfully with your garden and they have exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio, which means that it is both durable and long lasting. It does not shrink or wrap as many other woods commonly do. You can choose to leave it as is and let it weather to a faded gray or opt to paint it in the color of your choice.

Garden Arbors are great ways to create a garden get away where one can enjoy the outdoors surrounded by nature. They are also a way to blend a useful garden accent into your outdoor living space. They are not meant to dominate the entire scene in your garden but to simply allow you to convert a small space into a really attractive area. Why wouldn’t you enjoy a great cedar garden arbor in your outdoor living space when they are so aesthetically pleasing and can in fact direct people’s attention to what you really want to highlight in your yard? They give you a whole new perspective on your outdoor living.

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