5 Uses for Natural Stone Pebbles

Natural stone pebbles are great to use in your yard. They bring a natural earthy feel and a beauty that can’t be beat. Not only that but because of their wide range of colors and uses they are becoming extremely popular for use in landscaping and outdoor living.

Check out these ideas for using them around your home.

Decorative Pots

Placing some pebbles around the top of a potted plant can make your container garden even more attractive. Consider the plant in the container that you want to focus. Then decide whether you want to complement or contrast the colors in the pot with the pebbles you choose.  Natural Stone Pebbles Just remember that the pebbles are there to help focus your eye on the flowers in the container. It doesn’t matter what container you use, a decorative one or a plain terracotta ceramic pot.

Japanese Gardens

Japanese Gardens use specific plants as well as rocks and water to create their peaceful and tranquil effect. Often they use pebbles to great advantage to simulate water. These gardens are often small in scale and are incorporated into a portion of the overall garden design rather than being the whole garden.

 Natural Stone Pebbles Water Features

It seems that everyone today wants a garden water feature. They can be very small or quite large but they always add an element of tranquility to any garden. Natural stone is almost always incorporated in a variety of ways when planning a water feature. Around the edge of the feature larger stones are used to add character. But pebbles are used extensively as well to cover the base of the water feature and any cords or pumps that are used for it. Remember to wet a sample of your stone before you buy it as this will show you how it will look in your water feature.

Pebbles as Mulch

Mulching is something more gardeners are doing. It basically involves adding a layer of material over the top of your soil to aid with water retention. Pebbles make great mulch for setting off your plants and keeping the weeds under control. They also save you from having to water so much. Another thing is not everyone has the enthusiasm to maintain their lawns and pebbles can make a great alternative, particularly in naturally dry areas. Mulching makes for greatly reduced weeding in garden beds. It is actually quite easy to pull the few weeds that attempt to grow among the pebbles.

 Natural Stone Pebbles Paths and Drives

Paths and drives can become low maintenance when they are covered with small natural stone pebbles. The size of pebbles you choose needs to take into account whether it is a path or a drive. Foot traffic areas need smaller stones as they are more comfortable underfoot. A little larger stone ¾” are better for cars to drive over. Keep in mind that drives and paths need to be topped up with extra stone occasionally. They are very durable and much nicer looking than a plain old concrete driveway.

Pebbles give your yard that natural look and feel no matter where or how you use them. When used with thought and planning they will save you both work and water. Why not try adding some to your outdoor living space?

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