Add Beauty to Your Yard with Solar Yard Lights

Landscape lights are used to add beauty to yards and make them more pleasant and easy to enjoy. Yard lighting can discourage intruders, but most often it makes walkways and driveways more visible and safe simply by illuminating them. Lighting can also be used to highlight garden features such as statuary or fountains and highlighting a tree or a special planting.

solar yard lightsUsing solar powered outdoor lighting is a very sensible way to save money, energy and electricity. More and more it is becoming very popular to use alternative energy sources for many different purposes. Solar yard lights are just one of those alternative energy sources and they are considered a green source of light that can benefit the consumer and it saves us all money.

There are many advantages that come from lighting your yard with solar powered lights. The most obvious is that electricity costs us money but with solar-powered lights we consume no electricity. It used to be that solar lights were expensive and therefore it took several years to receive value for buying them. Today, however, they aren’t any more expensive than conventional electric lights and once they are installed, you won’t pay another cent to use it until it needs to be replaced.

solar yard lightsInstalling your solar yard lights is also quicker and very easy in comparison to the hassle of hiring an electrician or even worse trying to do it yourself. You will also need to conceal and protect the wires required for conventional lighting fixtures, which means doing some digging. Solar power has the advantage that all you need to do is find a place that gets a lot of sunlight and that’s where to put the light. During the day the batteries are charged from the solar energy that is collected and there is no wiring required.

There are a couple of draw backs to solar lights.

If where you want to put a light is in the shade it may not get enough sun to properly charge batteries and therefore for these locations solar yard lights may not work. Check with the places selling solar lighting for solutions to this problem. You can sometimes buy remote solar collectors for your solar lights, that will allow you to put the collector in the sun and the light in the shade. The good news is that because of advances in batteries as well as the solar cells the requirements of light to charge the batteries is much less today and will likely continue to improve.

Another area of concern is how much time you will leave the lights on during the evening and also how long a fully charged light will function. You can and should check this out before you buy. Lights are rated on these criteria so look them over carefully and decide which one best suits your needs. You should also check the many online resources which can help you in your research.

When looking for solar yard lights comparison shop. Check out department stores, building centers as well as garden centers and lighting stores. Lots of solar lights are available in department store chains at great markdowns but often they are not as high a quality. Department stores though are a good place to find inexpensive solar lights that can get you started and make your yard shine!

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