The Bulb Flower Garden

If you really want to know more about Bulb Flowers, you need to consider thinking beyond the basics. So here we are going to take a closer look at things you need to know about Bulb Flowers.

There’s more to Bulb Flowers than you may first think once you begin to look at them beyond basic background information.

 Bulb Flower GardeningAlmost every flower gardener will use bulb plants in their garden at one time or another.
-They are loved by gardeners because of the ease with which they grow.
-They are also very hardy.
-They will bloom for many consecutive seasons without the need to replant.
With all of these advantages, it is no wonder that bulb plants are so popular among both new and experienced gardeners.

Many beginning gardeners though have trouble choosing the right bulbs. But when you develop an eye and feel for finding the best bulbs, you will be able to spot them from across the garden center.

What you need to look for when choosing bulbs for your garden:
It is important to choose the firmest and largest bulbs. The size of the bulb is important because large bulbs usually provide more blooms. The firmness of a bulb tells you its health. Firm bulbs are healthy, while soft ones are unlikely to bloom. As important as it is to not choose a bulb that is too soft, it is also important that they are not too dry and have cracks or scars as they probably won’t bloom. You should also avoid any bulbs that have begun to spout roots, as they are unlikely to bloom properly once planted.

Spring bulbs flower from late winter to early summer, depending on species. Flowering bulbs like daffodils, tulips, hyacinths and crocus are some of the earliest flowers to appear in gardens each year, some starting to bloom as early as late March where I live. Snowdrops (Galanthus) are definitely one of the earliest to bloom in the season even before all the snow is off the ground.

 Bulb Flower GardeningDaffodils (Narcissus species and hybrids) are one of the most successful of the popular spring bulbs. Daffodils typically have yellow trumpet flowers held in clusters of two or more fragrant blooms per stem with slender rush-like leaves. There are cultivars with large to small flowers that bloom from very early to late-blooming daffodils. There are also many varieties with white blooms.

Tulips are another favorite of many gardeners. Although many gardeners find that their bulbs are relatively short-lived and begin to decline over two or three years. Each year producing smaller flowers and eventually dying out altogether. The ideal climate for growing tulips is (hot, dry summers, cold winters, and well-drained soil). There are types though that when given a little special care will flower repeatedly and actually increase in size and beauty.

 Bulb Flower GardeningHyacinths bulbs produce a thick flower stem, which carries about 40 small, waxy flowers. The hyacinth flower is highly fragrant and comes in stunning shades of blue, violet-blue, red, orange, pink, yellow or white. Surrounding the flower stems are narrow, upright leaves. Hyacinths are natural spring-flowering, flower bulbs and are very easy to grow.

Crocuses are popular with gardeners because they are one of the first flowers to bloom in the spring signaling the end of winter. The flowers are delicate, cup-shaped blooms in shades of yellow, white, purple, and lavender. Many selections have bi-colored blooms. They have grassy leaves that usually have a white stripe along the center.

Bulbs are the ultimate of nature’s talent for packaging. They contain within themselves all of the essentials they need to grow and flower. Some can be grown indoors but it is outdoors that the bulbs really shine.
Next time we’ll look at planting and growing tips.

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