The Bulb Flower Garden, part2

Planting and growing tips

Planting Bulbs
 Bulb Flower GardeningOnce you have good bulbs you need to plant them properly. Most bulbs are best planted in the fall. The goal is to get the bulbs into the ground six weeks before the ground begins to freeze, so obviously the best time to plant will vary from location to location. Most commonly this means in Sept. or early October.

Bulbs should be planted in a well prepared soil. The depth you plant bulbs varies depending on the type of bulb. As a general rule, plant bulbs two to three times their own depth and around two bulb widths apart. For example, crocus bulbs are typically planted four inches deep. Daffodil and hyacinth bulbs are usually planted about six inches deep, while tulip bulbs are most often planted around eight inches deep.

 Bulb Flower GardeningBulbs are some of the easiest garden plants to grow, needing only a well-drained soil and some sunshine. It’s important to plant bulbs with its top facing upwards. If unsure, plant the bulb on its side. Replace the soil after planting, breaking down any large clumps and firm in gently, making sure there are no air spaces around the bulbs. Then water after planting.

There is a special bulb planting tool, appropriately called a bulb planter that is very useful in getting your bulbs in the ground. This Bulb planter tool can be used to plant your bulbs in perfect looking rows of flowers. On the other hand for gardeners who prefer a more natural look, you can dig a single hole and plant several bulbs in it. This approach can lead to spectacular displays of flowers once the bulbs begin to bloom.

It is important to use a small amount of fertilizer at the bottom of each hole you dig when planting bulbs. The fertilizer should then be topped with a thin layer of soil, and the bulb carefully placed on top of the soil. It is important not to place the bulb directly on top of the fertilizer, as doing so could damage the bulb. Bulbs are always planted with the pointed end stick up and the flat, rooted side lying on top of the layer of soil. After the bulbs are in place, the rest of the hole should be filled with soil and the garden should be given a thorough watering.

Growing bulbs
Even though bulbs are among the hardiest of garden plants, there are a few important things to remember. One important technique to become familiar with is deadheading. The term deadheading should already be familiar to those gardeners who work with perennials.  Bulb Flower GardeningDeadheading is simply removing spent blooms in order to encourage more blossoms to develop. This process is important with bulb plants as well. When working with bulbs, however, it is important not to remove the leaves from the plants until the leaves have begun to turn brown.

Taking care of the bulbs over the winter is important as well. In warmer climates, many bulbs can remain in the ground over winter. It is important, however, to remove tender bulbs such as dahlias, even in warmer climates. These bulbs should be stored over the winter in a cool, dry location.

Bulbs are wonderful plants for any gardener, from the newest to the most experienced. Their combination of hardiness, color and beauty make them hard to beat for any flower enthusiast. Many will bloom and multiply for years with minimal care, while others are best planted for one season’s show of color.

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