Which Of The Fish Ponds Designs Is The Right one for your Yard?

Water is really a significant part of everyone’s life. When it is used to make a water garden in your backyard, it takes on a whole new role. Most ponds are built for the relaxing beauty they create. They have a calming influence on your spirit and provide true contentment. Many people though wonder about fish ponds designs and which one would be best for their yard.

The problem is there seems to be just about as many pond designs as there are books about the subject. Yet you know if you want real true contentment from your own fish pond then you know you need to construct the best possible pond, in the best location. It also needs to have a great environment for your fish and plants where they can truly thrive.

But you need to understand that the right pond design for you is dependent on so many different things that relate to your particular situation.

 fish Ponds Designs Maybe the first and most important consideration is the pond’s location. This again is strongly influenced by personal preference. Some people want their pond near the house so they can see it from indoors. On the other hand, others want it to be on its own so when the mood strikes they can visit it. Getting this one right is important as it is very hard to move once it’s all installed.

The ponds design is also extremely important. The four main things you need to consider about your pond design are: the fish you’ll use, the plants you want to use, what it will look like and its size. If you figure out these four things you can have a fabulous, unique and functional pond design. But get it wrong and you will have wasted both time and money. Not only that but you may have a pond that is not suitable for fish at all.

Garden ponds have two predominant styles, natural and formal. Let’s look at each.

A natural pond will follow the curves of the yard to resemble nature and most often includes the use of natural stones and sometimes a marsh. This often allows it to fit into the rest of the garden in a way that you get the impression, the pond was there before anything else including even the house.

Formal Ponds usually have a geometric design and only work well when the rest of the garden is formal as well. They also work best when they are in relationship with the materials used on the house and buildings close by. They are usually symmetrical in design either round, rectangular or square in shape. The plants that are used need to be carefully chosen and placed rather than having the wilder more random plantings of the natural pond.

Other aspects of your ponds design you need to consider are its depth, pumps and filters and more but we will have to look at some of those in future articles.

Be assured that nothing in your yard compares to the tranquil setting of a wonderful fish pond. They are peaceful and a wonderful experience for the senses.

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