Pondless Fountains Add Beauty, Sound and Atmosphere To Your Yard

Are you thinking about sprucing up your yard with a beautiful water fountain but wanting something different? Fountains certainly add an aesthetic touch to any yard as well as helping to provide a peaceful atmosphere. Pondless fountains are a great new idea.

The great thing is with a pondless fountain you don’t have to be concerned about the safety of young children that would be a concern if you were installing a pond. For others the time and energy to care for a pond is what concerns them. Yet like a lots of folks they still want to have a water element in their backyards.

Some of the things people love about water features are:
– The soothing sounds they produce. In fact studies have shown that these sounds lower peoples stress levels.
– Not only that but fountains captivate people’s attention. They become a great focal point for any garden, backyard, patio or courtyard.
– While ponds tend to attract mosquitoes and can collect leaves, and twigs, etc., which requires filters and frequent cleaning, which can be a aggravating; pondless systems don’t have any of those problems.
– In fact most pondless systems need little to no maintenance at all. This is a big advantage for folk who like to travel as they don’t have to worry about problems with their water feature while they’re away.

So what is a pondless water feature?

 pondless fountainsWell they are things like fountains and bubblers, even waterfalls that give you the splashing sound of moving water, but the water instead of flowing into a pond disappears into a reservoir hidden under a bed of gravel. There is no standing water therefore they are referred to as “pondless” as the water is hidden underground.

Pondless fountains, just like any other fountain, add beauty and value to any yard. The question is what is the best place to locate?

You should approach this from two different perspectives, one from you yard and the other from within your home. Today the reality is we typically spend more time inside than out. That is why you should look out your windows or patio doors and find a spot that works well from both inside and outside of your home. This way you can create a paradise that works best for you.

Close to the patio or deck or just outside of a bedroom window are perfect locations. You want them where you can easily enjoy them or enjoy its peaceful sounds. Outside a bedroom window means you can fall asleep to the soothing sounds of running water. You will also want to choose a spot that has easy access to electricity to run the pump.

One of the exciting features of a water feature is that it can be as unique as the person creating it. With the materials that are available today the shape, style and function of your water feature is limited only by your imagination.

There is absolutely nothing nicer than the sound of a water feature in your garden. For a few people it implies creating a stream or a pond. For others, on the other hand, these are not feasible alternatives.

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  1. picnic benches Says:

    I saw one of these fountains the other day (in an urban setting) and would have to agree with you. It looked great and also seemed to add a real sense of atmosphere.

  2. pella Says:


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